Wednesday, 2 January 2019

This is me

Hello, my name is Brian Snail I live in Maidstone in Kent England with my Mum, my brother Anthony who is evil and makes my life hell, I don't think he is actually my brother and there was a mix up at the hospital, anyway you can see what he's like if you press the button My Brother on the left, my sister who also lives at home, well sometimes she does because a few times she has left and gone to live with her boyfriend or boyfriends I should say as she changes them as often as Anthony picks his nose which is a lot, anyway you can see what she's like if you press the My Sister button on the left, well when I say push it I mean put your mouse over it and press the left button on your mouse unless your mouse is set up another way and if it is I'm sure you will know how to do it. My Grandmother used to live with us until she died but I have a section for her as she passed on some useful information on life etc, well she said it was useful but she also told me that drinking Gin in her tea was good for her and she died so I'm not sure if all she said was useful.

I have a section on Enemies, that covers people who bully me like Eric who lives down the road, David Burrage who stole my job as team captain on the table tennis team and anyone else who makes my life miserable.

Please have a look at the other sections if you want although you don't have to, I hate it when I get made to do things I don't want to like homework and having to tidy my bedroom as Anthony is such a creep his side of the room is always spotless, so don't look if you don't want to but if you do want to then look.

This front page intro will probably stay the same so people know who I am and things but I will try and give latest news on My Diary page I probably should have called this latest news page but it's too late now because I would have to change all the pages) as you may have gathered by now, this is my first web site and I hope you like it, now I will tell you a bit about myself.


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